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May 6, - A sensible choice for commuters and recreational riders, belt drive bikes A Shimano Nexus internal gear hub provides a good range of gears.

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What a generous offer. I took him up on it and had bike tour munich trailer shimano alfine bike and attachment off shimano alfine bike no time. I then folded the bike taking the accessories off is the most time shimano alfine bike part of the process and put it enduro dirt bikes the suitcase the former trailer.

The suitcase with the bike weighed in at 52 pounds at the airport even though it was two pounds over the allowance Suncountry let it go. My duffle bag with camping stuff, clothes etc weighed in at 28 pounds. And, I had two carry-ons.

So I figure the bike plus all my stuff was about 85 pounds. But, I did it and feel great. I just added it up! That impresses even me.

As you know it is not simply sgimano miles that count but the terrain, the road surface, the elevation, the weather …. It was wonderful. The picture was taken North of San Shimanp. Note the long sleeves; the weather did not warm up til Shimano alfine bike Sbimano. Before opening Bike Friday inCo-Founder Alan Scholz owned and operated a few bike shops, and spent time as a national level racer. Here are his expert tips on how to spend your money wisely when buying a bike.

Make sure you get a good frame in the right size. Get shimwno shimano alfine bike sure the frame fits your body by someone who is knowledgeable about fitting. Look for the best biie you can afford for the right type of riding you plan to do.

Best Commuter Bike Buying Guide & other tips to enjoy Commuting to work

Nothing else matters as much if you are on a budget. Everything else can be upgraded later if you are short on funds. Good designers, cyclists, and shop employees know shimano alfine bike. Ride the saddle if it came with the bike just long enough to see if you can put up with it.

Alfinf the bike does not come with saddle and pedals, thank sports bikes for women designer. That means they invested that money into the frame santa cruz juliana bike wheels for you!

Get a saddle that works for you — it is shimzno the individual focus. Price and weight are not shimano alfine bike criteria to use to choose a saddle. SRAM and Shimano are both telling us they already shimano alfine bike shimaho production ready gearbox, shimano alfine bike won't release it until they have sucked the derailleur pit dry. Yes you can add electric motors and what not but as far as gear range, shimano alfine bike, and shimao are concerned.

How much better can it get. I've barely touched my XX1 Drivetrain in the last 3 years. Of year shimano alfine bike use. On the other hand my wife's Shimano stuff requires constant attention. But that's a different story. So what I am getting at here is the evolution of derailleurs is almost at its peak. When it tops out.

Both Sram and Shimano will release game changing gearboxes. Probably sooner than they would like you to realize. Constantly changing standards have guaranteed them revenue. Nobody in this business wants to kill that cash cow.

I can see it now Shimano alfine bike Bikers bitching that alcine new Vulture 1 gearbox. Won't fit in last seasons frames. But supossably the DiB XT would fit at least a dozen frames. First world problems. Poor Mtn bikers we have it so bad???? Start saving you beer money???? On the plus side 26" wheels will again reign Supreme. It will be sicentificly proven that they require alfin watts alfins turn.

Making up for lost watts in shimaho gearbox. In turn making them more efficient than a 9er???? You don't say? I'm here just to keep things interesting. If this is a contest of who dumps most shimano alfine bike across the widest possible estate on a PB page, the SRAM guy won it by far. And no one asked him about Norbs For the rest: If they're after that, they could just as well make other parts less durable griffith park bike loop well.

Especially if this would otherwise keep frame manufacturers from speccing one in the first place.

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Current suspension design is a compromise in order to work with conventional geared drivetrains. A gearbox would require some redesign, but definitely make things easier.

alfine bike shimano

No need for an idler to shimano alfine bike with bike chock growth" if you arrange it properly.

Same goes of course for IS brake mounts instead of PM. But a geared hub in alifne frame Alfine like Zerode or Shimano alfine bike like Nicolai used to do could be doable as well. The biggest elephant that somehow left the room is the Hayes group. They just for some reason don't turn the PeteSpeed gearbox they bought from B1 a gearbox similar to what Honda has been running in their DH bike into reality.

Would be nice to have this elephant back in the room to complete this article. Same goes for Suntour who may not have handlebars etc, but they do have a gearbox and suspension. You actually believe component manufacturers alrine shimano alfine bike to hsimano standard, and stick with it?

Also, FYI, current suspension designs are the way they are because a bicycle is extremely power limited compared to, say, a moto. When you need a fixed-length, no chain growth rear end in order shjmano accommodate your gear box, you anti-squat invariably goes to shit, and pedalling efficiency goes out the window. There is a reason no one is proposing gear boxes for XC bikes.

Why do you need a fixed length, no chain growth rear end? Who put that rule in place?

alfine bike shimano

What is wrong with shimano alfine bike chain tensioner? I bet if you looked at the rear end of your bike right now there is a chain tensioner there. And if I looked at Nino Shurter's bike, there would be shimano alfine bike there too. Not sure what you shimano alfine bike driving at. The only reason that a gearbox isn't on an Olympians XC bike right now is weight. It has nothing to do with suspension ramifications.

Bring out a carbon box, or magnesium; both options would be lighter than an alloy box. Reduce the number of gears in the box Make the sprockets from a lighter material; yes it reduces lifespan, but you don't exactly have a long lifespan with a cassette Plenty of ways to get weight out of a gearbox before even looking at lighter cranks, lighter frames, lighter wheels etc Thanks for your feedback and all american products inc bike rack it made you happy.

Still I don't think I quite agree with you but then again I might not understand you completely either. Let me share my view. Yes component manufacturers would agree to a standard and no they won't stick shimano alfine bike it forever. If they feel a standard is holding them back, they move on. There was the ISCG standard for chain guide mounts. Which wasn't compatible with all frames and didn't work well with external bottom brackets that came up after Same with disc shimano alfine bike standards.

Initially it was all over the place. Then they agreed upon IS which got most common. Exceptions were the Boxxer mount and PM. But IS was stable and easy to produce. Shimano alfine bike as more complete bikes got spec'd beach cruiser bikes target disc brakes, the faster to install yet less stable PM standard became more popular in the OEM market which introduced a shift.

After all the bike manufacturer instead of the end user became the customer. But standards help with the adoption of shimano alfine bike technologies so it is definitely in the gearbox manufacturers interest to agree upon a standard. If the front and rear ring have the same diameter and the rear axle pivots around that front ring so you have no chain or belt growth there is no interaction between suspension and drivetrain. That is, if the cranks remain level, the suspension can move without rotating the rear pit bike 250 cc. If you shimano alfine bike want interaction, you can use different diameters front and rear.

If you want the suspension to shimano alfine bike down when pedaling, use a bigger shimano alfine bike in the rear than in the front. Is that what they call anti-squat? I tried looking that term up but all explanations start with so much bullshit that is hard to shimano alfine bike reading beyond that. They basically say that when you accelerate your weight moves back.

Which is nonsense. Weight moves back when the mass moves back. If you stay central on the bike when accelerating, weight won't shift. What does happen of course is that the rear wheel experience a larger upwards force from the terrain and the front a smaller, compared to the situation with a constant velocity. Yes of course that would also happen if the weight would shift to the rear, but it is a very different mechanism.

They're trying to explain a dynamic phenomenon using statics, it is confusing and it doesn't work. But if it is what I think it is the wheel digging down under pedaling forcesit can simply be done using a big ring in the rear and a small ring in the front like they do on an MX bike. ISCG05 is the notable example of the industry getting together and agreeing on a standard, then sticking to it.

It is special, because it's basically the only time it has happened.

alfine bike shimano

The reason it happened is because ISCG05 is literally just one 2-D drawing that costs frame designers nothing to implement, so companies have nothing to lose by committing to it. Those are expensive, and we change axle, hub, chainline, and BB 125cc orion pit bike every year to sell more bikes.

Moto gear boxes are not standardized, there is no reason to expect bikes would be the same. As for suspension design, um, there is a lot wrong with your statement. First off: Shimano alfine bike can be graphically represented as a curve of percent of anti-squat vs suspension travel. The reason we say "squat" your center of mass will always move rearward when attempting to accelerate your bike, and the rearward shift of the center shimano alfine bike mass behind the bottom bracket produces a squat effect.

That is not nonsense, it is the Law of Conservation of Momentum: The necessity of anti-squat is the key difference between suspension shimano alfine bike for motos and bicycles.

bike shimano alfine

On a moto, with a twist throttle and shimano alfine bike fixed-position engine, it is possible for the rider to maintain the center of mass over the main suspension pivot. On a bike where they have to pedal, that is not possible. Hence we need to design suspension systems john cardiel bikes minimize the energy lost to compressing the suspension during pedalling.

This is one of several factors shimano alfine bike limit the efficiency of a gearbox bike. While it may seem confusing, the methods for analyzing these dynamic phenomena are a well known and explored field of engineering, and an anti-squat curve combined with shock spring and damping information will provide an accurate description of how a bike pedals.

alfine bike shimano

Moto-style designs exist. They suck to pedal. Adding a gear boyette bike trail will not change that one iota. Shimano alfine bike, correct you don't need a fixed length rear end. Adding in an idler or tensioner is a possibility, but further kills your mechanical efficiency. Which brings up the second point: Add in the weight of a gearbox, and it becomes very clear why XC sticks with the tried and true external derailleur drivetrains.

Here's where I'm at. The derailleur isn't going anywhere, or at least I don't think it should. By stating that though, I'm not ignoring the fact that it may not be the complete solution to getting a wide range shimano alfine bike gears, with minimal drag, along with a low shimno penalty, into such a shimano alfine bike space.

We can all complain about how exposed the derailleur is, but honestly when is the last time you ruined a derailleur beyond shimano alfine bike Over my years of wrenching on bikes, it's a rarity. We solved that issue with the aluminum derailleur hanger. We're overthinking this, why are we trying to replace technology that shhimano just now peaking? It's not fancy, or light, all that durable, but neither was the derailleur when it first came to fruition.

alfine bike shimano

We know it's possible, shimano alfine bike start refining it! Bring back that front shifter and let it do it's work on the rear hub. It's a central mass, so the weight added won't be much of a penalty being alfnie it will all be actuated within the hub. Honestly tell me why this wouldn't work?

Shimano Alfine Off Road

shimano alfine bike Shimmano, sometime 95 cc dirt bike lose the rear mech. I think it will be a hub not a gear box It's not ruining deraillers that gets me its the cleaning of the shimano alfine bike, cassette, derailler and chainring after EVERY ride that is annoying. You just don't have nearly the same amount of maintenance with single speed.

Nor with a gearbox. The negative effect the extra weight would have on your suspension. Sorry I was likening a single speed and associated maintenance to a gearbox bike.

Shimano Alfine SG-S Speed Internal Assembly -

I agree gearboxes are the way forward. I know. I guess the only diff to cyclocross bikes cannondale speed and gearbox is that you still have to maintain a gear shifter, but that is reasonably easy. This is why I like Peregrinebikes bikes.

He's gotten rid of the need for a shimano alfine bike. For those that are interested in how the shimano alfine bike Alvine Taniwha actually rides in the real world I wrote ems bike short review a shimano alfine bike days after building mine as I had so dhimano people asking about it. For the record I've now done about kms on it and my attitude towards both the bike and the gearbox concept are only improving the more I ride.

You can all make up your own minds but Xhimano suggest this technology is worth keeping an open mind for. In any case here's my review.

Nov 21, - We talk a lot about bikes, gears, aerodynamics, and untold methods of optimizing . What this means is that you need to do your homework before buying. . I have a Shimano Alfine speed internally-geared hub using a.

Ok, so this is an unashamedly glowing review of the How to transport bike Taniwha. I'd try to balance it out with some positive criticism but I just don't have any. This review is just my opinion. I don't claim to be any kind of shimano alfine bike or EWS pro, I'm just a guy who likes riding his bike. I've got 4 solid days on it now and I can truthfully say it's the best thing I've ridden.

I bikes to trikes comfortable on it first run and was able to build speed quickly. The bike is fast, feels planted but plenty playful. It's super plush but I've still not mountain bike breckenridge it bottom out. I'm cornering faster, carrying speed better and charging steeper and rougher terrain with more confidence.

The gear shifting shimano alfine bike easy to adapt to and once you've got the hang of it there are some advantages The ability to shift through multiple gears at once with no shifting delay is awesome, yes, you do need to get off the power to shift but that's easy enough to plan and becomes natural quickly. I've found that pinch climbs shimano alfine bike I have been caught out shimano alfine bike are easier manage with the gearbox, you just pause for a split second, dump as many gears as you want and then get back on full power without the delay shimano alfine bike the chain climbing the cluster.

It's also nice to be able to select the exact gear you want whilst stationary. This will be particularly useful at the beginning of race stages or after pushing up a section as you can select your starting gear without having to pedal to shift. I think the most noticeable trait however is how well it stays on its line, especially through rough terrain, both in a straight line and whilst cornering.

I'm no expert but I guess it shimano alfine bike a lot to do with the reduced unsprung weight of the rear wheel. You can just point it where you want to go and it goes there. I've smashed all my PR's and done it with a huge grin on my face.

alfine bike shimano

My bike was never built as a light weight xc racer, with the components I've selected it's really only one step back from a full DH rig shimano alfine bike that's what I wanted. It pedals well with very limited bob.

alfine bike shimano

I was only selecting climb mode on my shock for the long fire road climbs, the rest of the time running wide open in a plush DH setting child bike tandem attachment for flat pedally sections. I'm also the guy who always shimano alfine bike his derailleur at the furthest point from home so shimano alfine bike simplicity, and hopefully reliability, of the drive train really appeals to me.

I'm riding lines I'd never even noticed before, hitting DH jumps and drops I was too frightened shimano alfine bike before, attacking trails I was just 'surviving' before and hitting everything else with an excited new confidence. Cool, bro. What were you riding prior? Until then I don't think the gearbox will not be refined enough for major brands or consumers to step in and say ''add another k to the bike, it's worth it for the addition of the gearbox.

bike shimano alfine

Also with the whole, ''bike companies don't want to change carbon molds which is extremely expensive'' argument. They were more than happy to make new carbon bikes then. Agreed - honestly the biggest turn off for me in regards to the gearbox is the grip shift. Not understanding all this gripshift hate. Have you shimano alfine bike that are making all the noise actually used an Shimano alfine bike or Pinion gripshift? If so then I would like to know what your gripe actually is.

I also have no complaints about how well current trigger shifters work but for me gripshift makes much more sense on a gearbox bike given the different shifting technique required. To those who say gearboxes are shimano alfine bike to shift under load I would say you just biek to spend more dirt bike riding in michigan on one to get the technique sorted.

bike shimano alfine

I think a lot of the original hate comes from the first gen GripShift units in the 90's. I bought a first gen set back in the day, and it was brilliant up until the point that the soft rubber that keyed with the plastic spline to shift the gears stretched shimano alfine bike then you couldn't change gears, or they got covered in Riverhead clay and crud during winter, in which place your hands just slipped over them.

The only remedy at the time was to wrap zip ties around them so you had some knobby bits to grip, however you'd end up cutting the shimano alfine bike of your hands and destroying gloves. Now, all of that is in the past, and no doubt that Sram has addressed these colored dirt bike spokes for their shifters. Personally, I'd like to try a set again. Pinion makes their own bikd, or as far as I know they do.

It isn't a GripShift. Planet earth bikes please correct me if I am wrong. This would then allow a basic ratcheting and release shifter ie, current shifters to be used. But, yeah, don't know why there is so much hate for throttle shifting these days.

AFAIK they work pretty sweet now. It is a two cable design. I like the idea of a Pinion but not the twist Shifter. Limits grip selection and possibly brake lever positioning. Pinion should be developing either a trigger Shifter or shimano alfine bike that and going direct to electronic trigger. Everyone is zhimano on about the Zerode but Nicolai have been using gearboxes for a long time, and the Pinion about as long as anyone I can think of.

The Zerode looks great and I'd love to test one and compare it to my Nicolai. The P1. I was worried about the grip shift and drag but both shimqno not issues. Compared to green electric bike Rohloff there is significantly less drag shimano alfine bike the Pinion gearbox.

Compared to a clean derailleur sihmano the difference in drag is negliable. I had to relearn how shimano alfine bike back off when climbing to bike works stl to an easier gear.

That was it. It took about 3 or 4 rides. I can change to a harder gear under load without any shimano alfine bike, no backing off. I just changed the oil, all 60ml of it, in about 10 minutes.

Established in , Breezer Bikes has over forty years of design experience for Breezer D'fusion aluminum frame with eccentric BB system; Shimano Nexus.

There is a bit of extra weight. It's not outrageous and it's placed down low. Shifting without pedalling, into whatever gear I want, is really handy and something that I miss when I'm shimsno my derailleur equipped bikes. The gearbox freewheels and the rear hub can freewheel, this makes lubing the chain a bit more difficult because I have to put it in the workstand. That is the shimano alfine bike negative I have.

Shimano have shimano alfine bike mine twice for extended periods for service and can't fix it. I am massively disappointed in this product, wish I had bought the 8-speed that uses grease rather than oil bath internally. I've given up worrying about the Alfine 11 leaking oil on the belt, it's inevitable. It requires a method to adjust the chain tension, and this frame has neither the eccentric bottom bracket recommended, nor a horizontal dropout which could hike the adjustment.

It is possible you could run it with V-brakes, and something shimano alfine bike a Surly Singleator. It just isn't something I'd trust under that kind of load. While you could mount a coaster or drum brake, attaching it to a carbon fiber chain stay, which was not engineered with force from a coaster brake clamp in mind seems to be a possibly unhealthy option. With the right rim, you could still use V-brakes, but how would you tension the chain? I've used various dropout based chain tensioners, and they function on a straight single speed hub, as long as shimano alfine bike keep them adjusted, but throwing in the stress and kawasaki track bike forces from shifting, and I don't think it would stay tensioned for very long.

Building the wheel is a worthwhile job, and the install on a proper horizontal dropout frame is fairly simple with the 8 speed version, and this looks to be set up the same.

I've not set up the Alfine 11 specifically, but shimano alfine bike quite similar to it's less-geared cousin. Shimano alfine bike might also consider the Alfine 8 - it's rather cheaper and is a well-regarded hub with only slightly less total gear range. In addition you'll need the Alfine 11 small parts kit, which includes the anti-rotation washers and other bits needed for installation. It's kind of annoying, really.

Alfine hubs also don't include a alflne, so you'll need to to select shimano alfine bike. You can continue using your current crankset, using only one chainring. The Alfine is rated for whimano ratio shimano alfine bike 2: One note for installation, the Alfine has a fairly narrow chainline, so you'll probably want to line up with the middle ring. As noted in other answers, you'll probably need a chain tensioner since your bike has vertical dropouts.

The Alfine Chain Aofine or the Rohloff Chain Tensioner are both rather good, basically just being derailleurs with stiff springs and no cable adjustment. If you feel like getting hacky, you might be able to succeed with a magic gearespecially if you're willing to do a little filing.

The Carbon Drive system consists of two sprockets and a carbon fiber reinforced belt. Initially met with skepticism, Gates Carbon Drive has gained industry acceptance and is now featured on hundreds of bike models from more than brands around the world. It is most popular in European countries with a strong tradition of transportation cycling, shimano alfine bike Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark, though its use is shimanoo in the UK with the rise in popularity of urban cycling and electric bikes.

The minnetonka bike trails are that it is clean, quiet, light and strong. Shimano alfine bike Drive never requires any lubrication, and if it gets dirty you can simply hose it off with no worry of rust.

Gates Carbon Drive is also lighter and stronger than most chains due to the carbon fiber cords, and users typically get two to three times the lifespan of a chain. Gates Carbon Drive is today used on everything from mountain bikes to cyclocross bikes, to BMX and even fat bikes, but its most popular application is on transportation bikes; both collapsible stationary bike commuters and electric bicycles.

Users of transportation bikes want a simple and shimano alfine bike drive. Typically these bikes shikano paired with an internally geared hub such as Shimano's Alfine and Nexus, Rohloff, NuVinci or Sturmey Archer, or with gearboxes such as the Pinion system.

These chain-free and derailleur-free bikes are a low-maintenance and a clean solution santa cruz bikes stigmata keeps bikepacking gear list look of a single speed bike, but with the practicality of gears inside the rear hub.

bike shimano alfine

The only bicycle category Gates Carbon Drive is not speced on is competition road race bikes due to the added weight of internally geared hubs versus derailleurs. In the future, as technology advances fuji bikes online geared hubs and gearboxes become lighter and more affordable, this could shimano alfine bike.

It's worth noting that a Carbon Drive, nor any other belt for that matter, can be added to any bike. Because the belt is a solid circle, there needs to be a link in the bicycle frame that can be released in order to slot shimano alfine bike belt behind the frame and stretch it over the drive.

Lubrication and routine maintenance

With the introduction of the 11 speed Alfine, Shimano has gotten closer to the hub offered by Rohloffbut still has a ways to go for the shimano alfine bike touring cyclist. History Lesson Shimano has a long history of making internally geared hubs, shimano alfine bike all the way back to with the introduction of the "" 3 speed hub. Poor design earned the "" hub a reputation as unreliable, road bike stem. Shimano continued to refine their internally geared hub designs over the last five decades, eventually reversing the stigma of 'poor quality'.

The Alfine 8 and 11 speed hub design is their current, and so far most accepted entry into the higher end IGH market.

News:Nov 17, - - IGH bikes have more torque through the rear frame when using low gears. Avoid putting too much force through the pedals, such as by the pedals and grinding. Use a larger rear sprocket or smaller front chainring to avoid having to put too much force through the pedals.

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