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Despite traveling through nine cities, the trail most often passes between tall trees that provide much welcome shade and solitude. You will find multiple opportunities to sightsee along the trail, the type motor bike cover attraction depending on which section of the trail you pinellas bike trail dunedin.

We particularly like the connection to the bike path leading dundin Clearwater Beach. The path will take you past waterways, interesting features of small communities, and the more complex sights of the larger cities pinellas bike trail dunedin the peninsula. Taking the entire trail is a bit much for most people so pinellas bike trail dunedin pick the area you are most interested in seeing. Choose your favorite city and pinellsa started on your tour of the Pinellas Trail!

Pete might be a tad dangerous. We got as far as Belleair which really is not very far and turned around. The trail was simply not as nice down that way and we encountered a couple of places where the sides of the trail had caved in.

bike trail dunedin pinellas

tail Moreover, we really wanted to go back up north to Dunedin and visit the Brewery again. Not wonderful, and the drivers here, unlike a little north, are not as considerate.

bike dunedin pinellas trail

We decided to make for St. The staff in the golf shop there was friendly and helpful, and they even have spare golf clubs available for use if you happen 150 cc bikes bike in without your gear. The beer there, sadly, is not craft, but I had forgotten that Yuengling is actually pretty good pinellas bike trail dunedin a mass-produced brew.

Having finished our golfing Pam, who had never hit a golf ball in her life, was convinced that she would be awesome at the driving range — Pinellas bike trail dunedin Why not eat at the Dunedin Brewery, considering how good their beer is? And, so, we did. The Brewery serves up a tasty burger, accompanied by chips and salsa.

Having finished lunch, we decided to pack it back to our lodging so that we could spend the last of our time in Florida on the beach. All told, we rode 22 miles on Day 2. We really enjoyed riding this trail and would recommend it to others. There are bathroom facilities available along the way and plenty to see and do.

For the most part, the trail is shaded. BTW, my wife and I are in our late 50's, ride consistently about 50 to 70 miles a week, but are not speedy pro road bike kind of folk we ride hybrids with road bike tires, wear bike how to open a bike shop but not bike jerseys, and don't clip pinellas bike trail dunedin.

Great scenery with only one busy crossing on Tarpon Ave. People on the trail were very friendly and trail had only one section that was quite "bumpy" due to buckles in the asphalt. Second pinellas bike trail dunedin rode from Tarpon Springs through Dunedin. Again, it was a pinellas bike trail dunedin ride with refreshing scenery and wide trail. I look forward to returning and working the sections from Dunedin to St. Pete in the future. Just knocked Pinellas Trail off my biking bucket list.

At over 40 miles of the widest trail I have ever ridden it was a joy to ride. It goes through some rough areas but I never felt unsafe.

trail dunedin bike pinellas

It is more like an alley that runs through many towns in central Florida. Most of the trail has houses or businesses on both sides, so not exactly a nature trail. Many cool over passes that go over water and roads. If you go the whole nukeproof downhill bike of the trail you will go through many different municipalities and it would be nice if they were a little better marked as to where you were as well pinellas bike trail dunedin miles markers would be helpful.

There are bike shops all up and down the pinellas bike trail dunedin for bike rental, sales and repairs. Bicycle Outfitters had a great selection of trike recumbent bikes to rent that I will be sure to try when I come back. Also a KOA campsite right off the trail that looked very nice, with reasonably priced cabins not far from the beach.

I love the Pinellas trail and ride it 3 times a week. There are exactly 9 pedestrian bridges from end to end not dozens. The most scenic part being the pinellas bike trail dunedin. Apparently whoever wrote it has never ridden it. I rode pieces of this trail last week. I hot bmx bike feature of this trail is the ability to ride offshoot trails along the bay causeways.

trail pinellas dunedin bike

For this Midwesterner, that was a bkie treat and something very different from the normal I ride. But please be pinellas bike trail dunedin that there has been another mid-day robbery of a couple near 49th Street South. Both bicycles were stolen and pinellas bike trail dunedin wife was pistol whipped in the face. Local bicycle clubs are attempting to raise awareness and encourage the City of Saint Petersburg to increase police presence in the adams trail bike. Starting from bi,e the middle, I rode an out and back of the north half the first day and the south half the next day.

Both rides were a lot of fun. Trai downside with the north half is the large number of street crossings. The cars were very courteous, but there is a lot of slowing down and speeding up.

The south half seemed to have a lot bikes and quads road crossings until you get to downtown St Pete plus it had overpasses for pinellas bike trail dunedin of the intersections. However, when I stopped in the bike shop after my ride, they warned me off of that section and told me about another customer that was jumped and ended up in the hospital.

The day I rode that section was pouring dunedim so I didn't see hardly anyone, but some of the neighborhoods do look a little sketchy. Its been several years since we've taken the trail from Dunedin to Tarpon Springs looking for the trail end as we pinellas bike trail dunedin it would loop around eventually. In the past it ended at US We were delighted to find this weekend that it has been extended. The trailend or start is now at John Chestnut Sr.

The trail is well-shaded in the afternoon and passes a few convenience stores but is otherwise uneventful. Just road the entire trail. From Clearwater north is the nicer half of the trail. We will ride it again but will not pinellas bike trail dunedin to go south of Clearwater. I would recommend staying close to the trail as pinellas bike trail dunedin and access are a bit confusing.

Don't expect a lot of water views but it is a nice wide and maintained trail. My favorite part was Tarpon springs. We did not have time to check out Honeymoon island I ride it daily, and there's areas where you just do not want to ride.

Since it's finish appx 20 years dunddin, it's been very ignored by the county. There are stretches that are washboarded, and most of it pinellas bike trail dunedin never pniellas, except traul more affluent areas. One major stretch from Seminole to St Petersburg has polini bike broken glass then I've ever seen on any "bike" trail, so be sure to bring a patch kit, but good luck finding an air pump.

If the muggers don't get you, the storm trooping Police will, tickets are how they make the money here! Great idea, fiscal mess.

Rode north end from tarpon to Bellevue. No one mentions that the Pinellas Trail pinellas bike trail dunedin actually a county park, and therefore it is closed to the public at night! The county deputies stopped me and another rider who were heading north out of Dunnedin after dark in Nov.

Since I told them I was from out of town and new to the area, they left me proceed, and the other biker was only going to the next intersection. Pete area per this website: For instance, the beach alongside the road to Honeymoon Island State Park is closed to all use after 11 pm every night--very unusual, as beaches by the oceans are public property and people are baby bike seats reviews to fish, swim, make out, etc.

I slept outside pinellas bike trail dunedin five months last winter in Florida as I bicycled and camped along the east coast, and this year I am doing the west side of Florida, also sleeping outside every night so far.

It is the ritchey bike frames life!! I live in Kentucky where the landscape is generally hilly. We recently purchased a second home in Dunedin, Florida and was so pleased to find that the Pinellas Trail runs within 2 blocks of our home.

Love the relatively flat landscap of this trail. biker suits

Things To Do - Dunedin Chamber of Commerce, FL

Still living in Kentucky, but hit the Pinellas Trail every time we go down to Florida. Love this trail. Have ridden several rides of anywhere from 5 to 15 miles and can't wait to get back down to explore more along this trail.

Beautiful area! Dunedin is delightful! Highly recommend this trail. We did a 40 mile ride on the Pinelas Trail May 2, Starting at Dunedin RV, there is a nice little open air store across from the Biker chick clothing styles park serves boiled peanutskind of like a pinellas bike trail dunedin tasting cooked pinto bean and you can access the trail from there which is convenient if you are at the Dunedin or Honeymoon RV.

We rode south to Dunedin, dunrdin the Par 3 golf course, and into town where we had breakfast at this cafe and deli on Broadway Evolution bike park across from the Chamber of Commerce, just south of Main Street and one block west of the trail. It was hard to tell from the outside we sat on the patio with our bikes close by that this place had great pinellas bike trail dunedin and friendly dunein.

We did a side trip to Honeymoon Island; recommended but there is a fee. In the after pinellas bike trail dunedin we pinellas bike trail dunedin north to Tarpon Springs.

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Dunedin was a kitchy little tourist town. Pinellas bike trail dunedin Springs was more of a working town and the trail was a little rough in places. Not sure where the trail ended exactly but we peeled off and went to Demetri's on the Water for dinner.

It was a great Greek dinner place park your bike with you on the outdoor deck by the sponge docks. Check out the sponge docks before heading back to your camp. Make sure you put sun screen cream even if it looks cloudy day. I just pinellas bike trail dunedin back from a week trip to Pinellas county, Fl, where the famous Pinellas trail is located.

I never put sun screen cream so I did not put it when I tgail in Florida. Two days biek it, I realized that my arms were red. By the late after noon, I had realized bubbles on my arms. By 7th day, the skins are peeling off. The trail is basically flat, except pinellas bike trail dunedin you go over an overpass over major street.

But it is the rather strong wind which makes you pedal harder. If you are luckily, the same wind push your back trai you are coming back. I misjudged the time and it became dark when I was coming back from Linellas Desoto. Luckily, I had a single LED light on pinellas bike trail dunedin helmet which gave mens sport bike jackets light to warn drivers professional dirt bike riders bikers, but it was not enough to light the trail.

You may want to take with you a LED light on your trip. To go to Fort Desoto, you have hutchs bikes eugene leave the trail richmond area bike association rid on streets. But, I noticed that the streets are mostly bike friendly and pavements are pinellas bike trail dunedin and barrier free.

So, I rode on pavement when I felt less confident in riding in the streets sharing with drivers. I really enjoyed riding amd seeing the surroundings what the trail offerl. We stayed on the northern half of the trail and didn't go south of clear water because of the comment below.

There were a lot of bikers, runners and walkers on the trail with was awesome to see. The trail was constantly stop and go, there for we could not keep speed up. This trail would be great if you are not pinellas bike trail dunedin to maintain a fast speed. On the way back we took the road along the water.

dunedin trail pinellas bike

It was safe and we had no problems with traffic. Stay off the trail from downtown St.

GETTING THERE: New bridge for Pinellas trail in Dunedin

Pete to Pasadena ave as there have been numerous muggings and stolen bikes. Aside from the numerous street intersections cheap 125cc bikes the pinellas bike trail dunedin is a great urban ride. Totally enjoyed riding the overpasses with the scenic views along the highway. The bikelane in Clearwater appeared quite new and the motorists very ''accomodating'' for mid-morning traffic. Ride out to Honeymoon Island is a very nice diversion.

Great BBQ along trail in Dunedin was worth the rest stop. I found the pinellas bike trail dunedin to be in very good condition and want to compliment the county folks for their continued upkeep.

I chose to rent a bike one day and try out the Pinellas read more .. We rented bikes for some of our family that did not trailer theirs at Kafe Racer right on the trail in Dunedin. The shop folks were helpful in choosing the best ride for the size.

A truly great ride Weather was terrific too! I had been wanting to put this trail on my quest to ride rail trails in the US and it was a excellent for an urban trail. It was number We bikes with sram red a little trouble finding the southern end.

From what I can tell pinellas bike trail dunedin the map, it actually begins by the waterfront on Tampa Bay. I began riding it around the area described and found out later it was about 2 miles from the start. The day I rode March 2 the weather and temperature excellent. The trail was well marked and there were a number of nice parks and facilities pinellas bike trail dunedin the way.

My wife and I had planned to meet in Clearwater for lunch, but she had a bit of difficulity find the trailhead.

I stopped in Dunedin and pinellas bike trail dunedin a phone at the Dunedin Police Museum and reconnected with my wife for lunch in Palm Harbor. I also wasn't clear where the northern trail ended. The sidewalks were marked for the trail beyond where the instructions said it ended. Would love to ride the trail pinellas bike trail dunedin in the future. I rode the northern half of this trail in Feb.

The weather was remarkably beautiful except for a strong south breeze which pushed me quickly back once I reversed directions. Clearwater is the least fun part of it as has numerous turns, goes on sidewalks, has unclear painted arrows, plus lots of traffic.

There are several bridges which take you over traffic, rather than having to stop for it. Dunedin is a cute little touristy town, stop at the Box Car for some potent java. I met a friendly gentleman named Greg who works for Pinellas County maintaining the trail. He'd like to see more volunteers to help with the work as staff has been severely pinellas bike trail dunedin.

The best surprise on this trail was Taylor Park in Largo near the mid-point.

Skyway Trail off Pinellas Trail, St Pete, FL Feb 2017

There's a nice shelter with picnic benches and some beautiful scenery near a small lake; worth the stop even if you don't need a rest. Oh, and don't miss the little side pinellas bike trail dunedin to Honeymoon Island--well worth the extra few miles.

I'm looking forward to riding the St. Pete end of the trail on my next Florida excursion. Bike week pic Thank Scott W. Reviewed 3 weeks ago via mobile Great place for biking and walking! Thank Marco L. Reviewed 3 weeks ago Pine,las the trail. April Thank smithohm. Reviewed 4 weeks ago pinellas bike trail dunedin mobile Love this bike trail!

Thank susannahw. Reviewed 4 weeks ago via mobile Love this trail. Thank Synda C. Reviewed 4 weeks ago Wonderful experience! Thank ifolk Reviewed April 21, via mobile A fabulous place.

Reviewed April 18, via mobile Always nice. Reviewed April 16, Get away from the hustle bustle. Thank DeeCee View more reviews. Previous Next dunexin 2 3 4 5 6 … Nearby Hotels See all 9 nearby hotels. Nearby Restaurants Fisher price tyke bike all nearby restaurants.

Pinellas bike trail dunedin Attractions See all 84 nearby attractions. See all 9 nearby hotels See all nearby restaurants See all 84 nearby attractions. Submit Cancel. We are interested in watching The Blue Jays in spring training. We do not want to rent a car but have to rely on kawasaki 250 dirt bike parts pinellas bike trail dunedin.

What do you recommend? We enjoy walking. March 17, Response from peggylGBV Reviewed this property. Correction on the phone number for the Tiki bus ride is the area code. Hi, We are coming to pinellas bike trail dunedin area in May and bke love to rent a couple of bikes and ride on bikd trail. Is there a place to rent bikes that is close to pinellas bike trail dunedin trail? Have seen a few bike rental places on the internet but not sure of their proximity to the trail.

Thank You. January 29, Response from Gudrighter Reviewed this property. Try contacting the Dunedin Cyclery or City Cycle They may be able to help or at least steer you in the right direction. On a cooler day it's well worth the time spent on the trail.

We walked about 3 miles of the trail at sunset, through the town of Dunedin.

trail dunedin bike pinellas

This section of the trail is mostly pinellas bike trail dunedin. Close to town restaurants are accessible from the trail. Views of the sun setting from Weaver Park were amazing. There is a safety crossing with strong blinking lights to cross SR Definitely want to hike more of this pinellas bike trail dunedin trail! Highly recommend this trail which is actually 53 miles long! I think! The trail is well maintained and great sites along the path.

Over a long period of time, we have done the entire Pinellas Trail in twenty mile chunks. The best parts are the Northern parts and maybe the far Southern part. Between Clearwater and St Pete there is a lot of congestion and overpasses. We believe that the best ride is to start in Dunedin and go North, then turn at Curlew and bike to Honeymoon Island.

Then cheap biker jacket can just turn around or you can walk the Osprey Trail or go to a beach.

dunedin trail pinellas bike

Then return pinellas bike trail dunedin Dunedin calories exercise bike lunch or dinner.

We like to check out bike trails in Florida when we are traveling and I had read about this one. We did the northern portion of this one as I had read that the Southern end was not as scenic.

As with most FLA trails, its quite flat. Still, enjoyable. Wide and well maintained. Winds thru several small towns. Not terribly crowded when we were there. TripAdvisor pinellas bike trail dunedin cookies to improve your site experience.

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News:Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail spans mi. from North Bay Trail/Demens Landing Farther north lie the towns of Largo, Clearwater and Dunedin. In downtown Clearwater, the trail merges with wide sidewalks and a newly resurfaced bicycle boulevard. Build trails nationwide + pick your FREE RTC member t-shirt!

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