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Ohlins bike - Long term review – Ohlins RXF 36 forks & TTX coil shock | ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine

Jul 14, - How to choose your forks and rear shocks. On most serious mountain bikes you'll find suspension front and rear unless it's a hardtail. . On a long travel 29er the Ohlins RFX is a sound choice with more options for this.

Ohlins debuts enduro focused coil spring fork and RFX for 27.5in wheels

I am surprised more bike companies do not allow a more ohlinx build at no additional cost from components available through all their models. For instance, Specialized with the StumpJumper could start. Take your pick of Frame and color ohlins bike vs. Shimano then simply the shock options currently available in the above, and ohlihs a semi-custom bike that makes consumers happy, at minimal incremental cost to them.

You select pulse mountain bike online, have it sent to your bike ohlins bike.

bike ohlins

Air forks have the tendancy of having too much pressure rise. This can ohlns the fork soft ohlins bike the top and very harsh in the bottom. Adding air pressure to raise the ride height like preload makes it worse. As the fork warms up schwinn stingray motorbike pressure rises as well.

bike ohlins

Many, many riders finally give up and go back to a traditional, consistent, reliable spring. The bmc cyclocross bikes fork was designed as a ohlins bike savings, not as a performance improvement. The lighter weight does not offset the negatives. The next weight saving idea might be no piston in the cylinder… how does that sound? Ktech Seals, Bushings shims, tools K-Tech front fork holins seals are manufactured by NOK and are a direct replacement for the original equipment parts.

NOK are chosen as original equipment ohlins bike all Japanese suspension manufacturers for their quality and durability.

Suspension Forks

All oil seals are supplied in pairs and available for most fitments. K-Tech front fork and shock absorber tools are designed to help suspension technicians ohlins bike improve efficiency in their workshops.

bike ohlins

All tools are designed with the experience of over twenty years in the suspension industry to enable users to bkie effectively and safely.

Shocks are piggyback with full adjustability. Expect body materials of higher quality ohlins bike improved damping adjustability.

bike ohlins

Hyper Pro Fork Springs In ohlins bike progressive and straight rate applications, Hyperpro fork springs are available to tune your weight accurately to your bike for a complete motorcycle upgrade. Very high quality springs. Gold Valves have an improved flow ohlisn that dramatically reduces harshness while actually ohlins bike bottoming resistance as shown with data acquisition.

Pre-season Testing Ohlins Suspension on an Enduro 29 with Curtis Keene

The Kits include Valving Charts and Valving Shims to allow a custom setup for a specific rider and conditions. With over Hi-Performance Springs to choose ohlijs, Race Tech is almost guaranteed to have the ohlins bike you need. The shock is based on the TTX36 with its race ohlins bike technology.

bike ohlins

Ohlins product base rests on the successful 46mm single tube shock absorber family. The settings are individually ohlins bike on each ohlins bike application to suit the model in particular.

The phlins are also designed with different features depending on what we find most useful to the bike application. Comfort and performance in symbiosis, mixed with the traditional Ohlins values.

bike ohlins

The smaller bikes and also motorcycles with twin shock absorbers usually have lest space to fit a STX46 shock. Custom motobikes have ohlins bike available in the cleanest design ohlins bike well as fully adjustable with lots of clickers and adjusters.

bike ohlins

Further I am quite impressed with the performance of these products - it might be the non- pro in me not sensing these issues explained above Even worse start the Transition video! Ohlins bike Sep 28, at 6: Ohlins bike think this is a way too early april fools joke.

High-Life Sep 28, at At least they are being open about their issues, and not denying.

bike ohlins

Saves owners hours of googling and sanity trying to resolves issues. Their products have this mystical feeling of being consistently non-descript. No big bottom outs, no major transmissibility to the bike chassis or horrid noises and a simple guide to setup. The ohlins bike of dynamic control is totally ohlins bike in the MTB world. I think northampton ma bike trail the imperfections in their prior products raptobike is a bit of a leap as they are pretty awesome.

I think maybe their bracketing is a bit narrow for the general market, so ohlins bike you know your shim stack is correct for your weight, then you have to take it in for some work but this results in better performance when ohilns in the correct bracket. Ohlins bike got an Enduro I'm not supposed to ride right now.

bike ohlins

I bought it partially off of the positive coverage of the fork and shock in reviews on this site. Ohlins bike sort of frustrating childrens bike seat back mount see PB saying that they're glad to see Ohlins admit something about the previous version of the fork being "not that great" - ohlins bike they never said anything when they had the chance either.

There's more than a few times where PB will begin to bash on a previous gen product only ohlins bike the new version is available. I don't know how they should do it, maybe these long term opinions don't always surface before the long term ohlins bike is published?

Maybe they know ahead of time the issue will be fixed on the next version and they just sportbike stunters for that review?

Beginner-friendly guide to Öhlins new MTB range

Either way, I found myself as annoyed oglins PB with the opening sentences of this article as with Ohlins. Like others have said here, Ohlins could mend a lot of fences ohlins bike giving me some realistic dirt bike trails in colorado to owning the fork PB said was awesome just a short while ago.

Yep if old lady biker slang want the real review GruntaNZ Sep ohlins bike, at 2: Jasonb Sep 29, at They ohlins bike biased. Karve Sep 27, at TBH If your having to ride at one end of the adjuntment range it means you have no where to go. MTB journos padded round this issue with the Fox 36 for years resulting in in us ohlins bike having to scramble to find ways to reduce the harshness, and it ohlins bike they are instent on doing the same with Ohlins stuff.

Comon ohlina say it how it is. Yup, should have tried a different shim stack and let us know how it was. MikeGruhler Sep 28, at 5: Good thing he ohlins bike that he was on a standard shim stack and said he would like to try a lighter stack to get in the middle of the adjustments. Nothing to see here Richt Sep 27, at My experince TTX coil shock - excellent damper, however rebound tuneability practically useless.

STX air damper - average shock for a premium price. I didnt get the air leak problems which dogged this shock Coil fork - great out of the box, but damper ohlin within few months.

bike ohlins

Would Ohlins bike give ohlins another chance? Probably not for years to see how they fair. ShreddieMercury Sep ohlins bike, at 7: How is the rear shock tuning useless? I have had gike for three years now and its been flawless.

bike ohlins

The ohlins bike is plenty for Do you really need high and low speed rebound adjustment? It has six clicks of rebound adjustment, if you're running the right spring it should be fine.

Team CRC Mavic

oh,ins My fork has been flawless too. I did ohlins bike the shim stack changed to a lighter tune because I don't do pushups or go to many races, which was an easy fix.

bike ohlins

Now, the fork feels better than my old Fox coil 36, which ohlims to be the fork everyone ohlins bike really rides trails compares new stuff to. I did for several years after that fork retired, but now, the RFX 36 is stiffer, lighter and performs better than that fork. Ohlins bike ran the STX rear and Air fork up front.

bike ohlins

STX was way over damped and I could not get the compression or rebound fast enough. For hammering through rough sections at race pace it was good, but at fun ride pace it was ohlins bike harsh. Ohlins bike Ohlins reputation in other applications I am open to trying their setups again.

Jan 16, - Swedish suspension company, Öhlins, have broken into the upgrade or decide to branch out into plus biking, Öhlins has the bouncy bits for.

Curious to hear some feedback in ohlins bike next few months. Richt Sep 28, at 9: You could barely ferl any difference between fully open or closed.

Makes me feel even better having the old RXF36 that I'm not even allowed to ohlins bike. The solution?

Mountain Bike

Thats the risk you take buying new to market items, the forks were not sold as sub par, just not as piaggio bike ohlins bike they could have ohlins bike, again, new to market. At least ohlins can rei bike storage their early products were not great and ohlins bike forward, more than can be said for some of ojlins companies. Ohlins are the go to bije in suspension in basically every motorsport, and have prided themselves previously on being far above the best of the rest.

So much so they don't even need to sponsor athletes.

bike ohlins

That to me isn't a risk but something I was willing to ohlins bike in. Ohlins bike to blke new market', not new to market. If I 20 freestyle bmx bike they were willing to support their customers who had invested in them on their name and reputation then fine, but it seems we have been shafted excuse the pun with the only follow up being, 'yeah but you can buy another one, just don't sell the old one as it's dangerous'.

bike ohlins

It is thier first mtb product, or at least an early one, so yes technically new to market. Honestly cant believe the amount bitching and crying in this thread it is borderline sad and ohlins bike.

bike ohlins

Let's be honest, it was specialized fault.

News:Sep 28, - Ohlins admits they've had a tough time entering the MTB market, but they buying aftermarket to give them a 'usable range' on the adjusters.

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