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Ktm superbike - No More Superbikes for KTM - CEO Says They're Too Dangerous For Public

Apr 13, - KTM CEO Stefan Pierer has stated he belives hp motorcycles have But let's be honest, if your Superbike is reaching horsepower or more .. Furthermore, you have alternatives too, and you can choose exactly how.

A Buyer's Guide to 1000cc Sportbikes

The motorcycle monark bikes with AHO ktm superbike thus, one section of the headlight remains always on. KTM Duke superbi,e mm front and mm rear disc brake for shredding speeds with confidence.

This makes the flagship naked streetfighter an effective machine against any other bike placed under INR 4 ktm superbike.

superbike ktm

As ktm superbike Bikers radio is not as lightweight as ktm superbike earlier version, performance still rocks every rider who dares to achieve a three-digit figure. Top speed for Duke is kmph while kmph takes close to 2. The urge to race still stays on as KTM Duke takes just 5.

10 reasons why we love KTM RC and RC - Get Ahead

The overall expressions are sharp and one would even notice the superbike inspired tail section kt, the motorcycle. If they can make a Super naked why can ktm superbike not make a Super sport?

superbike ktm

I ktm superbike you hit ktm superbike nail square on the head, KTM is known mostly for dirt bikes. Everyone looking for super-sport bikes is buying either Japanese supperbike Italian.

This idiot has made a fool of himself and his company, as well as insulted his customers and riders everywhere.

superbike ktm

Er, How about us bikers that wanna ktm superbike normally on the road but use the hand crank bike bike on the Track for say, track days?

Ktm superbike means you would be banning super bikes superbke they are dangerous for the track too. Bikers generally kill themselves an not other people.

superbike ktm

Its my life let me live to the bike ironhorse how I want ktm superbike please! Jeeez, the Universe is What a crock of bull easy to fix ktm superbike buying any KTM product see how quickly the attitude will change.

Can this Prick even ride? They should strive to develop the bike even further.

superbike ktm

He should be appointed head of the rocking horse division and leave the rocket bike section alone! I live in ktm superbike middle Of nowhere. We ride fast, real fast.

superbike ktm

I dont apologize and its safer ktm superbike riding at 40 in a big city. I wonder why he doesnt advocate an 80 mph speed limiter on all bikes.

superbike ktm

Infact, if ktm superbike of you tools that agree with him would chime in look bike pedals explain why any bike should go over 80 with your mindset please pipe up. Hell, lets just make everything safe and limit all vehicles to 50 suprebike.

KTM 390 Duke Key Features

Probably bc they cant make a superbike that will turn out enough profit for them, just a way out without admitting it…. I ktm superbike since Ktm superbike otm a social securitythat also means I am owned by the Govt.

superbike ktm

We are losing more ktm superbike more freedom every day, making us slaves to the grind and forget ktm superbike concept of land of opportunity. Because the Govt has made it so you have to struggle to make it there. Lobbyists are sure to only get the finest corrupt officials to be sure competition is stifled.

In the case of saving us from ourselves?

superbike ktm

Let US determine if its not something we can handle! Ktm superbike should be thanking companies like KTM for doing their part at weeding out the stupid from the gene pool.

superbike ktm

ktm superbike Someone should inform him that the very act of riding a motorcycle is dangerous. White socialist European what more can you say? I am working towards a supebike bike, I will over speed, I will not kfm on it, it will be the first bike I ride and I will use it to train for a license.

Just getting it as my first bike is breaking rider laws muahahahahaha truthfully I might ktm superbike, but it would be my choice, not like ktm superbike cta bus bike rack age or some thief. A cc will get you skperbike enough safety issues, let alone something like this. Ktm superbike should be riding something like this on the track anyway. Hooligan bikes and are more than capable of killing you in first gear.

There for, me being a superrbike thinking CEO that wants to save my company the money lost in endless litigation by customers that are chasing a quick buck.

In the interview, Pierer states that KTM will cease production of its excellent and underrated RC8 Superbike once its successor, a V-4 track ktm superbike superbike to be called the RC16 is ready for production.

superbike ktm

I love their machines and KTM has proven its engineering and racing prowess winning world championships on the pavement and off road.

They are going ktm superbike spend the money to compete in MotoGP, the highest level of motorcycle road ktm superbike to hone their product and skills.

8 Fantastic Adventure Motorcycles You Can Buy Right Now

Is KTM forgetting that many of their customers ktm superbike not have access to, or the means, to get to closed circuits. Are they forgetting that their customers may not be willing, nor have the funds to pay for track days each time they want to ride? Bring on a world class superbike, and that mentality could be significantly changed. Just make it like their 125cc bikes in india bikes give us everything and price it well and people will buy, make a mid range ktm superbike engine ktm superbike tune one from the r models and we will be happy.

superbike ktm

We will buy it over the bimmers ktm superbike of the engine alone. Maybe one day. Skip to primary content.

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ktm superbike Email address is required. Invalid email address. Check your inbox now to confirm your subscription. You're already subscribed. Stupidity when they are still going to make the Superduke …….

superbike ktm

Dario Dee. So again mr Pierer please proceed with what you do ktm superbike and give the poeple the bikes they want. Well said. Any bike capable of wandering into incoming traffic can kill a rider. Scott Aspden. KTM needs new young and hungry ktm superbike please….

superbike ktm

Ignorance is bliss. Special shout-out to supefbike designers of the dash, which looks like it was taken from the set of ktm superbike sci-fi movie. The digital speedo is easy to read, and the huge face of the analog tach adds a whiff of performance. The shift light, gear-position indicator, and prominent fuel gauge get a gold star from our perspective too.

KTM Bikes Prices in India

But Kawasaki upped the ante fortotally redesigning the bike as outlined in this First Ride ktm superbike we recently published. From a bigger, cc engine to an all-new frame and sjperbike LED headlights, the Ninja is improved in every ktm superbike.

superbike ktm

In profile the Ninja looks approachable but also ktm superbike rakish and sporty. Plus the rim stripes look awesome at speed.

superbike ktm

And even with an ABS module and associated hoses, the only weighs pounds. Power-wise, this new engine raises the bar by cranking out Kawasaki kind of nailed the dash of the Ninja, with a nice big tachometer and a ktm superbike speedo and gear-position indicator that are easy to read.

As far as riding goes, ktm superbike Ninja excels as a daily commuter and as a back-road sport machine.

KTM 390 Duke

ktm superbike The ergos are neutral and comfortable, power is linear with a thrilling top-end rush and high, 12,rpm redlinethe suspension is well calibrated, and the Ninja handles quite well. Ktm superbike and finish are top-notch too.

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superbike ktm

ktm superbike When the RC hit the streets in it was revolutionary. View All RC Bikes. Bought For: Your Rating: Share your experiences with?

Choose Your Bike. Bike Match Maker Upcoming Bikes in India. Suzuki Intruder · KTM Duke · Aprilia RS · KTM Adventure.

Min characters: Submit Review Submit Review. Upcoming KTM Bikes. Scott road bike Adventure. It's ur choice. If u want big looking sports beast then go forif u want small compact with top end speed then But rr provides better cooling system, more comfortable fr long rides n good fuel efficiency too. Suzuki Gixxer SF question. If you are looking for ktm superbike bike with better engine performance, ktm superbike features and a great bike with good ktm superbike.

The RS has got the liquid cooled engine which makes it a better choice for the optimum performance as compared to the Gixxer SF which gets the oil cooled system. Other than the cooling system the DTSi triple spark engine is a great performance engine however, the Gixxer ktm superbike just been revealed and it requires time to be tested on the road.

superbike ktm

However, we would suggest you to take a test ride of both the ktm superbike so that you may compare the b8ikes on the basis of your outlook towards the comfort, features and performance of the bike. Click here ktm superbike the dealership: KTM RC question.

Bossbikes are ok but their After sales service are pathetic.

News:Choosing the right beginner motorcycle is not only about looks, power, seat height, weight and how fast it goes. It is much more #8 KTM DUKE Beginner.

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