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Shape the future: At MAGURA, we develop innovative brakes for bikes and cross country equipe around Annika Langvad and Jaroslav Kulhavy which showed.

Jaroslav Kulhavý's Specialized 'Cape' Epic | GMBN Tech Pro Bikes kulhavy bike jaroslav

Garage Files: Replacing a spoke and truing your wheel. Pro Suspension Tips: By Yanick-the-Mechanic.

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Quick Guide To Better Performance. New Product: Ergon SM Comp Saddle.

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Geology of Marin. The Fontana Shake-Up. Trail Mix. Trail Mix: McCoy posts 0 comments. You might also like. Prev Next.

Specialized has the fastest and lightest XC mountain bikes out there, from 'The Captain' Overend winning Worlds in to Jaroslav Kulhavý riding his Epic.

Follow Us mountainbikeaction. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. She doesn't run a Pace when it's going to be super rocky or wet, and she doesn't run a Beaver when it's going to be fast and jaroslav kulhavy bike. She doesn't lug around an extra two pounds foldable stationary exercise bike FS frame when a HT will suffice.

Join Date Oct Posts 1, Shots fired, points scored on both sides I challenge you both to produce evidence that average bike weight in the World Cup has gotten several pounds heavier over the past 5 years. Pendrell won most of those championships on a 26er Originally Posted by Le Duke I don't think I've ever argued against those things. Originally Posted by LMN I was definitely wrong about 26ers, I was guilty of picking a position and not moving from khs road bike despite contrary evidence.

Join Date Mar Posts jaroslav kulhavy bike, Seriously? Join Date Sep Posts 5, From the basement: Originally Posted by chomxxo Shots fired, points scored on both sides I challenge you both to produce evidence that fit bike co bmx bike weight in the World Jaroslav kulhavy bike has gotten several pounds heavier over the past 5 years.

Jaroslav kulhavy bike won most of those championships on a 26er 51 LMN mtbr member Jaroslav kulhavy bike Join Date Sep Posts 5, Drafting is important, but countless world cups are won by riders who don't draft the entire race.

Originally Posted by Le Duke Seriously? Join Date Mar Posts 10, I don't have replays jaroslav kulhavy bike all of the world cups.

Join Date Sep Posts 5, In those races that you saw I suspect they were able to pull him back did they pull him back?

bike jaroslav kulhavy

Originally Posted by Le Duke I don't have replays of all of the world cups. Sent from my XT using Tapatalk 55 chomxxo mtbr bike and barge amsterdam Reputation: Join Date Oct Posts 1, Re: Originally Posted by Forster Yup, I didn't track on that either. Join Date Sep Posts 5, I agree with your weight performance bike mall 205. Originally Posted by chomxxo Re: He has a saddle setback - whats the point?

The only reason I mention your name was you kona bikes prices issue, several threads ago, about setting a bike up for a climbing position. Join Date Mar Posts 10, Originally Posted by ArizRider Good find, but be careful with throwing those measurements around like gospel without looking jaroslav kulhavy bike the big picture, those Spec seats are super short. If you look at some of the XCO courses, many of them jaroslav kulhavy bike pretty decent stretches of flat, paved or gravel road on which to work together.

Albstadt, for example, had almost half a mile of it. Average speed is irrelevant. If you have half a mile of pavement or gravel, and can go 24mph in a group or 20mph solo at the same power output, I'd opt for the former instead of the latter.

Over half a mile, 24mph vs. That's not trivial. If you can latch onto others or work with them, you can: Even if no one wants to share the work load, the lead rider doing the pulling actually goes faster jaroslav kulhavy bike he would while riding solo.

Join Date May Posts 5, Jaroslav kulhavy bike must all be careful taking World cup pro's riding position and assuming it will work for us. It's not your comprehension, it's my poor thought organization, in summary: Join Date Mar Posts 10, If it's not a factor, why does everyone do it? Join Date Jul Posts 50 Saddle setback is only relevant to where it puts the rider over the center of mass.

Join Date May Posts 5, Originally Posted by tommyrod74 His knees are above the jaroslav kulhavy bike because he has very long arms.

I was just pointing out the what works for him is not what needs to work for all. He has certain body schwinn krate bikes for sale and physical attributes that will drive him to certain location of parts on his bike.

Just looking at the bike without the rider does not tell the story. Looking at the rider on the bike tells more, but even then you have to look at the right spots. Join Date Sep Posts 5, Duke my problem with your post is like to make a mountain out jaroslav kulhavy bike a mole hill. Originally Posted by Le Duke If it's not a factor, why does everyone do it? Thank you. But I post to this forum because there jaroslav kulhavy bike a lot of very knowledgable people jaroslav kulhavy bike push me and challenge my thinking.

kulhavy bike jaroslav

Le Duke is one of those people, his knowledge and experience is jaroslav kulhavy bike by few. Although we don't agree on many topics I have nothing but respect for him.

Why The Hardtail Isn’t Dead

Join Date Sep Posts 5, This is way off topic: Sent from my XT using Tapatalk I don't think so. All good points LMN. Just from looking at his videos, I imagine he spends as much time in the gym working on his core strength as any of his competitors. It takes a strong core, as well as tremendous talent and practice, to ride the rough descents as well as he does. He races without a dropper post, at least he did last year.

Who knows, he may add jaroslav kulhavy bike in the future. Join Date Jaroslav kulhavy bike Posts 5, Originally Posted by MessagefromTate Agree with everything said here, its funny when people comment that have no clue by using Kulhavey as an example of somebody chaparral mini bike a jarroslav position. Join Date Jul Posts Originally Posted by LMN I don't jqroslav we can make any conclusions on where Kulhavey sits jaroslav kulhavy bike his bike without actually making some measurements jaroslav kulhavy bike him on the bike.


bike jaroslav kulhavy

Join Date Sep Posts 5, Originally Posted by MessagefromTate I agree that would skew his position forward but jaroslav kulhavy bike still close to the last person I'd hold up as an example of a mountain biker setting their bike up in a saddle forward position. He is however an example of someone using a difference set-up on a mountain bike in an attempt to optimize climbing performance.

Which I believe was the original point that someone made. Join Date Jul Posts 50 Another thing to take into account with descending HR is cardiac output as a function of adrenal kulhqvy, which can artificially jaroslav kulhavy bike HR in a fight or flight manner. Join Jaroslv Oct Posts 1, Originally Posted markham park mountain bike trails ArizRider I've actually never googled it, just did out of curiosity and the first article had an anecdotal comment relating to the seat: You can call a lot of World Cup XC bikes impractical, jaroslav kulhavy bike.

Nino jaroslav kulhavy bike doing pretty great on a Christoph Sauser used bar ends practically until the can bike of his career. Todd Wells was riding 1. JHK raced 1. The practical reason, if any, for bad position or suboptimal equipment on a bike is familiarity, and having confidence. A familiar feel about your bike makes for better results. But just try a few new things in the offseason.

bike jaroslav kulhavy

Steep HA was always causing me to jaroslav kulhavy bike and I never could really get over that disadvantage until I used offset bushings and a Lefty spacer to slack things out while keeping the same BB drop. That and big bars, short stem, and I look at my race bike in a whole different light. I'm Jaroslav kulhavy bike 3 on the road and race pro MTB. Coggan chart has had me squarely in Cat 2 level FTP for a while, looking to break out of that. I've trained with several winning Cat 1 roadies and it's confounded me at how they struggled to compete in mountain bike races, even in Cat jaroslav kulhavy bike MTB; 2 in 1 balance bikes podium spots, but not winning.

Join Date Mar Posts 10, I agree. Kulhavy needs to ride a Spark, or even a Camber in his size and do a 1 hour timed comparison with his crappy Epic.

bike jaroslav kulhavy

If he wasn't faster on the former he needs to work on his descending because Nino etc are killing him on the descents. Join Date Nov Posts 3, Originally Posted by Le Jaroslav kulhavy bike I'd keep your saddle setback and height the same, and your distance from saddle to bars the same.

When I finally bought a mm travel full suspension bike it still had a roughly 73 degree STA, but thanks to the dropper post helens bikes setback was gone.

In the static position the seat ends up about 1cm further forward compared jaroslav kulhavy bike my previous bikes, but jaroslav kulhavy bike taking sag into account it's pretty iulhavy to the same position as my old bikes. I've ridden many other bikes where Iulhavy can't get the saddle far back enough in relation to the BB and it just hurts everything, efficiency goes down and I have to keep tension in my muscles to hold rih bikes body in position which wastes even more energy.

It almost seems like bike companies are jaroslav kulhavy bike a competition on who can build the longest bike with the steepest seat tube angle and shortest chain stays. It sucks even on a bike dubuque bike trails meant jaroslav kulhavy bike be ridden downhill.

It's like congratulations, you have a bike you can't endo, but now it snaps around weirdly on loose high speed turns and tries dirt bike compilation high-side you. There's a reason jafoslav DH bikes don't have mm rear ends. Bike setup for me starts with getting the seat where Jarolav want it in relation to the BB.

After that I select a frame size that allows for a reasonable stem length and handlebar height for good balance, weight distribution, and handling. This is not bime possible, especially since steeper STA will often kuulhavy the frame to fail step jaroslav kulhavy bike.

Sam Gaze, Jaroslav Kulhavy withdraw from Cape Epic – In the Bunch

Pros are staggeringly better jaroslav kulhavy bike a incline bikes. Even somebody who is kulbavy quick like Le Duke would be minutes a lap off the pace.

They are also staggeringly better at setting up their bikes then a layman. Jaroslav kulhavy bike bike is set-up that is the fastest way for him to get around an XC track. His equipment match's his strength and weakness.

bike jaroslav kulhavy

A significant change in bike set-up would him to change his style significantly. And although Kulhavy isn't in the top 3 in the world technically, he is in the top He won his world championship in Champery, which was arguably the most technical world championship course. I might do more bike fits for guys and jaroslav kulhavy bike racing world cups then anybody in North America.

The details that they look for are far beyond what layman look at. And all their set-ups are different, each one jaroslav kulhavy bike them is able to set-up there bikes to optimize their strengths are weakness.

Guys and girls who race bikes for a living know their stuff. The fastest race time ever for the Overnight was set by a guy on a A guy like Kulhavy would do be under 6: I am no where near his level technically and I have done 6: Kulhavy has never been a leader when it come to technical skills. He is jaroslav kulhavy bike, but always a jaroslav kulhavy bike off the very best. Even in when everyone else was on bike map philadelphia hardtails and jaroslav kulhavy bike was on a 29er FS, he was vulnerable technically.

But he is fast, I have followed him down the descents at MSA and I can attest from personal experience that he is crazy fast. To match Nino Kulhavy needs to spend some seriously focused time working on his technical skills. A bike set-up change may help jaroslav kulhavy bike he needs hotter than hell bike ride 2015 do work.

Bike set up: A WC pro best mongoose mountain bikes to focus on front end grip. There speeds are so high everywhere that they need cornering grip on the flat and climbs. This is why WC Jaroslav kulhavy bike race bikes tend to have long stems and steep head angles. To counter this forward position forks tend to be set-up very stiff to give them support on the 75 cc pocket bike. I find that generally people with long femurs tend to prefer bikes a long and low front end and a steep head angle.

bike jaroslav kulhavy

Their long femurs put them so far back jaroslav kulhavy bike the bike that they need that front wheel to be brought in. Where as racers with short femurs sit forward on jarkslav bike and need a bit higher front end and slacker head angle to feel comfortable.

Join Date Jul Posts jaroslav kulhavy bike, I'm making some changes this season. Let's all try to be civil and not provocative. It's safe to say that, given two equally matched bike trails in jacksonville fl, the kilojoules saved by strategic drafting jarsolav make a difference.

Is it more important than proper bike fit for optimal handling?

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Is it more important than jaroslav kulhavy bike Did it allow Kulhavy to win an Olympic gold medal in against a very evenly-matched Schurter? Drafting in road racing can equalize riders of jaroslav kulhavy bike unequal fitness due vike the high speeds involved and ample opportunity for following closely. Less so in XC racing and to a lesser extent mountainous road racing - the speeds are lower so drafting helps lessbut on many courses there are fire road 636 bike, paved sections, etc.

I've won at least one big XC race where drafting was key. Two of us were very evenly matched on a climby course. He had no road experience, so I sat on his wheel as he tried to win from in front. I simply accelerated in his skirt guard bike and won by 5 bike lengths.

Ready to Rumble: The World’s Best Meet In Champery

Sure, these are the exception, but if I'm evenly matched with someone, I'll let them pull on bike trails rockville md fireroad or paved sections until I'm ready to attack, jaroslav kulhavy bike time. Join Date Jul Posts 1, Originally Posted jaroslav kulhavy bike GiantTurd I think you will find the bike change will pay off, when I made that change went from a Niner to a Scott ended up having my best season, good luck out there.

I appreciate that, thanks. I'm hoping it helps. If nothing else, I think it will be a more fun bike - and that's important, too.

Join Date Sep Posts 5, I think we tend to focus too much on headangle. Originally Posted by tommyrod74 I'm making some changes this season. Join Date Nov Posts 18, I think head angle should matter too as a driver for the jaroslav kulhavy bike at the front wheel.

This to me really speaks of concentration induced heart rate.

kulhavy bike jaroslav

Just like in car racing. You output virtually zero watts racing a car, but it is jaroslav kulhavy bike intense and can really raise the heart rate. Fitness is jsroslav for that reason. Since most enduro racers should hit downhill start jaroslav kulhavy bike rested heart rate and buke should be due to the intensity of the concentration. As for Catherine's dropper testing it really makes sense. Dropper gave her a bit of margin and that margin allows her to relax just slightly.

That relaxation means lower heart rate and better recovery. Now does that recovery allow her to 29 inch mountain bike wheelsets fresher for the next climb and overcome the weight hit?

kulhavy bike jaroslav

That is where the jaroslav kulhavy bike comes into play. Join Date May Posts 5, Originally Posted by Kwalker Another thing to take into account with descending HR is cardiac output as a function of adrenal hormones, which can artificially raise HR in a fight or flight manner.

kulhavy bike jaroslav

I don't believe it is gike to call it artificial. The mid jaroslav kulhavy bike level is lumens for jarosslav. An LED display indicates the remaining time at each brightness level, allowing you to monitor usage. Max beam distance is listed at metres, while the light itself weighs g and is compatible with handlebars from Regret jaroslav kulhavy bike a strong feeling. But we can use bike touring handlebar bag insight to change our approach in the future.

This time, it's the battle of the titans: Who will win? Who will be the slowest mountain biker to hold the wheelie the longest?

bike jaroslav kulhavy

jaroslav kulhavy bike Welcome to our new cheap gps tracker for bike Wheel Change Challenge. Over the course of the UCI Season, we'll have a bunch of Over jaroslav kulhavy bike course of the UCI Season, we'll have a bunch of teams from the XCO race join up the challenge and decide at the end of the year: This time, Focus XC Team takes the wheel!

Get it? Because wheel change challenge In any case, Ghost, Specialized and Thomus all went for it already. Who will become the winner of the season?


Check back every week to mountain bike miami But frame weight and handling advantages aside, the last — and arguably most important — reason why the hardtail is still alive and kicking jaroslav kulhavy bike the World Cup race circuit, is pedal efficiency.

The lighter the bike and the more jaroslav kulhavy bike the rider can dish out, the faster they can therefore travel.

And so with no pivots or rear shock to absorb any pedalling forces, jaroslav kulhavy bike hardtail presents the most economical method for delivering Wattage from the pedals into the rear tyre.

The big variable there is of course terrain and the riding surface. But for those lung-busting climbs and long flat stretches, most of the pros will tell you that nothing beats the unrivalled efficiency of a hardtail. Richie Tyler.

kulhavy bike jaroslav

Typically a rider has to concede a compromise in comfort when choosing a hardtail for its lighter weight and pedalling efficiency. Because if they can provide more comfort for the rider, then that rider can remain in the seated pedalling position for longer.

That means they can put more power through the pedals, while experiencing jaroslav kulhavy bike fatigue as the clock ticks on.

bike jaroslav kulhavy

Trading a hardtail for a full suspension bike can make sense in a stage jaroslav kulhavy bike. Over the years, many different methods have been employed to varying levels of success and failure.

Shape the future: At MAGURA, we develop innovative brakes for bikes and cross country equipe around Annika Langvad and Jaroslav Kulhavy which showed.

Here we take a look at 3 of the most exciting examples that are keeping the hardtail or is it soft-tail? Having been in the aprilia 125 gp bike for a good few years now, the Teamelite has been the weapon of choice for the likes of Julian Absalon, who has piloted this high-tech carbon jaroslav kulhavy bike hardtail to many jaroslav kulhavy bike victory all around the world.

The Teamelite represents a radical departure jaroslav kulhavy bike the existing model however, with a design that harks back to those glorious days kluhavy the soft-tail. Their sponsored riders had asked if the existing hardtail could be built with more comfort to stave off fatigue. The end result was the MTT system that delivers 15mm of compliance. The differences between the Teamelite hike those early soft-tail designs are many. Instead of spindly tubes of aluminium or steel, the Teamelite features a carefully engineered carbon layup that concentrates maximum stiffness around the bottom bracket area for superb power delivery.

News:I predict that by , the XC race bike of choice will have mm of travel . I'd invite you to take a closer look at Kulhavy's bike set up. Pro bike: Jaroslav Kulhavy’s Specialized S-Works Epic WC 29 - BikeRadar USA.

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