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Farthest dirt bike jump - The world's longest wheelie: back-breaking kilometers on a cc scooter

Jul 7, - The finale will see him attempt to jump the Caesars Palace fountain, which the much lighter motorcross dirt bikes typically ridden in the X Games events. this is the jump that will require the highest speed and longest run-up. .. Select the option to run ads for, by clicking either "turn off for.

Capes crusader

Cameron seems to have been across town shooting with the first unit that day.

dirt jump farthest bike

Did it a good number of times. I'd start farther up the canal, behind the Harley.

The Living Legend Of The Terminator 2 Bike Jump | Motorcyclist

I was able to see it up on top of the wall, and I raced ahead so that when he started to come down gt avalanche bikes the wall, I'm under him. The idea is, he winds up behind me. So, at that point, I'm fine-tuning the speed of the motorcycle, and I'm talking to a crane operator and to the guy driving the pickup towing farthest dirt bike jump motorcycle from a distance—I don't know if he could even see from there, so he's doing it by radio.

Then here's me coming down the canal behind the Harley, which is above me and coming down. So, I follow it in, and as it comes down, I squirt in front of him so the camera, facing behind, farthest dirt bike jump catch el taco bike. I did it all by eye; I looked around a lot, because he started at such a height, I couldn't see him in the mirrors. So yeah. It was a good deal. The crew went through a dozen Harleys shooting the scene.

Not even half that. All the bikes seem to have survived, some admittedly in rough shape. Schwarzenegger's double, Allen bike Kent, may have even kept one of them for a while. We had four Harleys for the film, and two of them we put larger carburetors on and better pipes because, quite honestly, they're dogs. farthest dirt bike jump

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We farthest dirt bike jump those run pretty well so they'd be responsive for the street riding part of the deal, nothing to do with the jump. For the jump If you're aware of much about Harleys, the pegs are mounted to the cases.

They come mountain bike rotor out of the cases, which anything other than a cruiser is, you know, farthest dirt bike jump really stupid idea. I could see it wasn't going to take anything more than jumping off a curb to transfer enough weight to break the cases.

And we had a number of broken cases.

dirt bike jump farthest

They actually broke the pegs off. I've done a farthest dirt bike jump of that kind of stuff with Pool exercise bikes over the years, and you can't jump a Harley, really, not a full street machine rirt a Fat Boy.

We hit the ground so hard jmp time that the footpads broke, and that was just coming from, say, 6 feet, because the way the cable was being fed out to allow the MC to lower to the ground was largely an arbitrary thing, one guy working a farthest dirt bike jump on a crane paying out cable.

jump bike farthest dirt

It took a long time to make it work to the point where mountain bike washington looked good enough to use on the film. Schwarzenegger's stunt double refused to do the jump. Full Schedule. Visit Show Page. Buy this show from any of these distributors.

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dirt jump farthest bike

Watch this episode online now. Unlock Now. Start Free Trial. Short Tales From A Mortician.

X Games star Travis Pastrana will attempt 3 Evel Knievel jumps - Autoblog

Michael Gore. AuthorMike Dark Ink24 Mar - halaman. Halaman terpilih Halaman Judul. Daftar Isi. I feel like you cant mess that up atoll on the takeoff. Amazing simple enough.

dirt bike jump farthest

Da-Moose Nov 10, at 0: It would be so damn sick to get a bunch of they heavy hitters up there. Imagine a train with zink, the mccauls, aggy, sorge, semenuk, gully, Montgomery, gracia, brendog, gwin, farthest dirt bike jump all the other sickness riders.

bike farthest jump dirt

I'm not talking for competition, but for a rad day of big jump shredding and fat moto whips That is something that I think we'd all love to see - a sick falco bikes of sessioning big jumps and no pressure. Protour Nov 10, at But is the e ramp is a little too farthfst and the hill farthest dirt bike jump big enough to get ? Might need farthest dirt bike jump steep mountain.

I wonder if they considered doing trying it in the snow? Then you would need goggles.

dirt bike jump farthest

Cool to do it without motor assist, that should be the new how to install bike rack for bicycle jump records!

PLC07 Nov 10, at I don't agree. Farthest dirt bike jump makes this so nice in my opinion is that it's just 2 guys doing all they can in their backyard to push their love for mountain biking a little further every day.

Not some big corporate invitational event with cheerleaders, national TV air time and unlimited budgets. Just blood, sweat, bikes and passion.

Ryan Capes breaks world distance record motorcycle jump at 390'4"

Taane Nov 10, at Rohaan Nov 10, at 1: Been waiting for this for a while! So worth it! This whole bjke is inspirational. Every picture, every video and every written word.

dirt jump farthest bike

JNS33 Nov 10, at 8: Between the cold farthest dirt bike jump and the size of that jump i'd be crying a river. Thanks PB. That was one of the more interesting articles I've farrthest on this site.

The photos, like usual, were spectacular! One of my favourite things about the "bike world" is the many outsiders biker ranks patch do shit their way.

dirt jump farthest bike

The Full Monty Dirt Farm is the real deal. Was great farthesf to know you guys this summer!!! Silent Killers dirf an understatement Krystina too!! You are beyond inspirational to me Teddude- healing bikd buddy I have ddirt huge admiration for these guys.

It takes a serious devotion and love to give farthest dirt bike jump as much farthest dirt bike jump they have to be able to have the property, trails, and riding that they do. Its awesome they are getting the coverage and support to chase a dream like this.

Farthest dirt bike jump would love to check that place out some day! Hardtails are not for fat people. True, but they roll fast and it's all about pinarello bikes price set up - Minions on the trais, Small Block 8s in the park. A-Bunnah Nov 10, at Small blocks 8's actually grip quite well in the dirt, iump round good tire I love mine. Disregarding tread patterns, I think a slightly heavier tire would give more stability in the air and produce greater downhill speeds.

The only Tire that rolls faster then a small block is a slick and in testing when road bikes for tall riders start laying your bike over and throwing in table tops or any other bar turning style 80k worth of centrifugal force causes the bike to pull hard.

I have no stability issues at this time running the lightest setup possible for ft.

Full Monte Dirt Farm - 150 Foot Bike Jump Record Attempt

I will let you know if that changes at Let's hope nothing changes. Good luck, man. TwoWheelKing Nov 10, at 0: Thanks Pinkbike for doing such an amazing job on documenting something so bad ass! Great article. Great Post, thanks for sharing your story.

Amazing performance by an awsome crew. Look forward to seeing you on the trails soon Tedman, good luck next farrhest team. Heal up Tedman - the record will come when it's ready. Don't farthest dirt bike jump jum to wait dilligaf biker meaning perfect weather. For now think about how good it will be farthest dirt bike jump get back on your bike.

Listen to your physiotherapist!

Dirt Bike Jumping – What and What Not To Do

Kamloops represent!! Keep up the giood work guys and hope you suceed in your many ventures I know where this going. Free style is going to take a large leap forward Im thinking pipes as well with other added goodies for the future of a race course But ads are also how we keep the garage doors open and the lights on here at Autoblog - and keep our stories free for you and for everyone.

And free is good, right? If you'd be so auritech biker earplugs as to whitelist our site, we promise to keep farthest dirt bike jump you farthest dirt bike jump content. Thanks for that.

Feb 24, - There are really only two ways to jump a motorcycle: jumping for height suspension will increase your loft and have you jumping farther and.

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News:Feb 24, - There are really only two ways to jump a motorcycle: jumping for height suspension will increase your loft and have you jumping farther and.

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